We plant a tree for each order

Our principle is very simple, for every order you make in RelaksoHome we will plant a tree through “Tree Nation”. You will receive a confirmation email directly from them.
relaksohome restoring forest

Trees are essencial for our survival and the planet’s as they supply air and purify water. They also play a vital role in conserving earth’s biodiversity and fighting against climate change. Forests are natural reserves that provide us with food, medicines and renewable wood fuel and actively give work to more than 1 billion people worldwide.

According to the United Nations for agriculture, humans destroy an average of more than 7 million hectares of land per year, which is equivalent to an area of the size of the Czech Republic.

Since the beginning, at RelaksoHome we thought of creating a brand taking into consideration the sustainable development of the whole production that would return in some way what nature brings us. Among other things, we minimize our use of plastic in all our processes, we produce in factories where a high percentage of the energy used comes from clean and renewable energies and we work with natural and biodegradable fibers.

Apart from doing of of this, we discovered that there was no better way to compensate for our carbon footprint than to plant trees. 

To achieve this ambitious task, we contacted “Tree Nation”, a non-governmental organization, given that a member of our team had previously done similar work in the past. 

“Tree Nation” is a serious, non-profit organization that counts with more than 140 plantation and reforestation projects in 33 different countries. But their work is not limited to planting trees. They also help local communities that depend on trees to live by teaching them how to regenerate and protect the forests so they can turn them into long-term, sustainable resources of food and wood.

Tree nation logo

At RelaksoHome, we are very proud to collaborate with Tree Nation and to contribute to the reforestation of our planet and give back to nature the care it provides us. 

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