Merino Wool Duvets

Our Merino Wool Duvets are made 100% from merino sheep wool from Northern Spain. The exterior cover is made 100% from organic, percal and unbleached cotton of 210 thread count. In addition to their natural warmth, comfort and natural regulation of body temperature -among other advantages- one of their great feature is that their are sustainably manufactured within the European Union. Our merino wool quilts are hand-filled by qualified professionals and pass individual quality controls.

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100% Merino Wool from Spain
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Exterior Cover 100% Organic Cotton, GOTS certified
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Highly breathable and antistatic
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Repels dust & dust mites
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Natural thermoregulation
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Cruelty Free

Merino Wool Duvets, the Secret to Sleep Better

Natural merino wool quilts grant you a better and deeper sleep. This duvet is not only one of the best on the market, but is also completely environment-friendly.  Here are some of the benefits scientifically proven:

  1. Merino wool duvets regulate body temperature when you sleep beneath them. This way, you do not get too cold over the winter or too warm over the summer. As they are natural thermoregulators, you will be able to achieve a deeper and uninterrupted sleep. It is proven that when we get too warm or too cold, we tend to move more in bed, which consequently leads to a disrupted and agitated sleep. With this duvet, this discomfort is eliminated thanks its thermoregulation properties.
  2. Merino wool’s composition naturally repels dust and dust mites. Thanks to this, you will be able to obtain a greater level of hygiene and breathe better air quality. As you breathe better, your sleep quality will also improve. This will also be a great help in case of suffering from allergy problems.
  3.  Merino wool fiber is natural, sustainable and biodegradable.

Merino Wool has been used for thousand of years. Nature itself puts to our disposition incredible products with the best properties. Let’s introduce them again to our lifestyle. 

Our merino wool duvets are available in the following sizes: 150×220, 220×220, 240×220, 260×220, 200×200 and 140×200 cm.

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Sustainable brand

We carefully choose our fabrics and reduce our carbon footprint

Ethically made in Europe​

to respect workers' safety and well-being

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We plant a tree for each order​

to contribute to reforestation of our planet

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Free shipping from 99€​*

for EU countries and 299€ for USA, Canada & Australia*

Why we're different

All our Wool Bedding products are designed in an effort to help you sleep well while caring for our planet. We consider each step in our production process to minimize our carbon footprint right from the start.

We use 100% Merino wool from Northern Spain and 100% Organic Cotton, GOTS certified for our wool merino products.

Our products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, meaning they surpass the highest criteria of testing against the use of harmful chemicals and synthetics products.

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